Melaleuca Products

Melaleuca Products

Inspired by Nature. Proven by Science.

As the largest wellness shopping club in North America, Melaleuca manufactures and sells over 450 wellness products in the categories of Nutrition, Personal Care, Home Cleaning, and Cosmetics. With a team of world-class R&D scientists, Melaleuca pursues innovative ways to improve and expand its line-up of products used by millions of customers in 20 countries and territories. In every R&D pursuit, The Wellness Company is driven by a commitment to only develop products that are safe, effective, eco-friendly, and affordable.

At Melaleuca, we’ve put the power of nature to work for more than three decades.

Melaleuca products are not only inspired by nature; they are proven by science. As innovators in health and wellness, Melaleuca’s products are unequaled. We utilize clinical research, and many of our products are protected by patents.

We rely on innovative scientific research to identify and amplify the many benefits of naturally based ingredients and use those discoveries to create products that outperform national brands. In almost all cases, we find natural ingredients to be the best, most effective, and healthiest alternative. Of course, natural does not always mean safe or effective. In some cases, man-made compounds have been proven to be more effective or safer than raw, volatile, natural sources. In our opinion, only in those proven and documented cases should those alternatives be used.

Each year, we spend millions on research to determine the best sources, the safest and most effective forms, and the optimal extraction processes to create extracts, essential oils, minerals, enzymes, and other natural compounds to optimize health and protect the environment.

We are continuing to discover new secrets that nature is willing to share with us.

Examples of Jaw Dropper Products

Although all of Melaleuca’s 450+ products are exceptional, the company has a number of legacy “jaw-dropper” products that helped redefine and pioneer new technologies and benefits in their categories. Here are just a few of Melaleuca’s jaw-dropper products.

Renew Intensive Skin Therapy

Renew Lotion

One in six North Americans suffer from Eczema, Psoriasis, or severely dry skin—conditions that can take the joy out of living. So Melaleuca is passionate about restoring healthy skin—keeping it healthy and happy, making it softer and smoother, and allowing you to live the life you were born to live without dryness, irritation, or problem areas. That’s why we developed a daily moisturizing lotion unlike any other lotion you’ve tried before. Inspired by nature, proven by science, and loved by millions, it’s called Renew.

Renew is proven to outperform any other product on the market. In clinical tests, it beat the leading competitor on every measurement, including: dryness, roughness, moisture content, and the moisture retention of severely dry skin. In just 24 hours, it delivered softer, smoother, and more moisturized skin than the leading lotion ever could—even after two full weeks of use.It improved skin hydration five times better, moisture retention seven times better, and kept skin 55% smoother after use. No wonder it’s become one of our most popular products!

Peak Performance Pack

Peak Performance Pack

Of all Melaleuca’s wellness products, none has the potential to improve your health and wellbeing like the Peak Performance Pack.

Only the Peak Performance Pack contains six powerful and proprietary supplements that have been proven in four different human clinical studies to improve key health markers like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, triglycerides, and resting heart rate.

Science suggests that if we can reduce the free radical activity throughout our bodies, we could significantly slow the aging process and reduce the likelihood that we will fall victim to one of the serious conditions normally affiliated with age. In other words, if we could significantly reduce the number of free radicals in our bodies, we should be able to stay healthier longer. The Peak Performance Pack has been shown again and again to be able to significantly reduce free radicals and provide optimal nutrition to every major system of the body—helping you live a more healthy vibrant life now and for years to come.

  • Contains six powerful and proprietary supplements that have been proven in four different human clinical studies to improve key health markers like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, triglycerides, and resting heart rate.
  • Delivers profound, measurable benefits in healthy individuals in the key categories of holistic health: heart health, metabolic health, and cellular health.
  • Combination of powerful, patented, proprietary products.
  • Powered by Oligo technology, which is protected by two U.S. patents and which binds minerals to organic compounds (amino acids and oligofructose) to mirror the way they are found in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods to maximize solubility.
  • The Sterling Study and the Freiburg Study provided evidence that the Peak Performance Pack substantially reduces free radical activity and inflammation in healthy individuals. Reducing these two key factors—free radicals and inflammation—was critical to creating the substantial improvements that were seen in other health markers.

Melapower 9x Detergent

MelaPower 9x Concentrated

MelaPower is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice effectiveness to get the safer, more natural clean your family deserves. Powered by 99% biodegradable, nature-inspired ingredients, it gives you load after load of fresh clean laundry without all the caustic chemicals.

Instead of dangerous ingredients like chlorine bleach or ammonia, MelaPower uses a triple enzyme formula. Enzymes are nature’s stain removers, made of specialized proteins that tackle the toughest dirt and odors while keeping the colors in your clothes from becoming dull and dingy.

At 18 cents per load and powered by 99% biodegradable, nature-inspired ingredients, MelaPower isn’t just safer for your home, it’s also better for the earth. The 9x concentrated formula drastically reduces plastic waste and fuel emissions. In fact, if every household in North America switched to MelaPower, we’d save more than 36,000 tons of plastic every year!

GC Control

GC Control

GC Control is a one-of-a-kind, low-sugar, delicious shake that’s specially formulated to put you in control of your junk food cravings, energy levels, and weight management efforts. It’s a creamy shake that provides a proprietary blend of ingredients like Oligo chromium, cinnamon bark extract, and green tea leaf extract.

In a 56-day study, subjects reported feeling significantly better in several areas including; more energy, less fatigue, and reduced appetite.

Study participants also saw significant changes in four key areas of blood sugar support:

  1. Support balanced glucose uptake and metabolism in healthy individuals
  2. Support normal insulin activity in healthy individuals
  3. Slow the absorption of high glycemic foods
  4. Promote proper carbohydrate metabolism

Sol-U-Guard Botanical

Sol-u-Guard Botanical Cleaner

Sol-U-Guard Botanical’s 2x patented formula is the first EPA-registered disinfectant to combine thyme oil and citric acid as active ingredients in a botanical formula. 

Together with citric acid, thymol makes Sol-U-Guard Botanical a more gentle option for disinfecting throughout your home—even on items and in spaces frequented by children. Sol-U-Guard Botanical does not leave a toxic residue. It doesn’t produce harmful vapors that can be inhaled. It’s perfect for children’s toys, video game controllers, school supplies, remote controls, light switches, doorknobs, bathroom surfaces, countertops, and anywhere else that disinfecting would provide more safety for your family.

Sustain Sport

Sustain Sport Performance Drink

Sustain Sport is the only performance hydration drink with 4 electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants, and just 15 calories per serving to help you rehydrate, rebound, and recover.

Sustain Sport provides a strategic blend of calciummagnesiumsodium, and potassium. As electrolytes, they help: rehydrate your cells, maximize muscle performance, convert carbohydrates into energy, and minimize muscle tissue breakdown.

Environmental Impact

Melaleuca’s outlook is simple: We believe in providing highly effective products with minimal environmental impact by using the best science and nature have to offer. Whenever possible, we look for safer, naturally derived formulas that give our products a competitive edge, and give you peace of mind.

Minimal environmental impact

We take seriously our responsibility to help people create clean, healthy homes and to protect the environment—both outdoors and inside your home. Wherever possible our innovative products utilize naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients that are even more effective than the grocery store brands without damaging the environment. And our super-concentrated products mean we use less plastic, less fuel and less water, which is good for all of us.

Best of science and nature

Melaleuca uses technology in our cleaning products that is different and far superior to that of our competitors. Rather than breaking down grime and stains with harsh chemical reactions, Melaleuca’s technology dissolves stains and dirt so that they can simply be rinsed away. Melaleuca uses a combination of natural enzymes, solvents and surfactants to dissolve dirt and stains. The enzymes break down stains naturally, but without sacrificing effectiveness.

Safer formulas

As we strive to help you achieve total wellness, Melaleuca is dedicated to bringing you safer products. Our formulas will never contain chlorine bleach, ammonia or other harsh, caustic chemicals. Developing friendly formulas for you and the environment is why we can offer products that don’t need childproof caps. Best of all, these safer formulas outperform the competition.

Responsibility to future generations

We hope and believe that many generations will follow ours, and we have a responsibility to each of them. Rapidly damaging the earth, our streams, our lakes, our forests and our oceans is easy. But it may take decades and huge costs to repair that damage, if it can be repaired at all. We believe preserving the earth for future generations is not only the responsible thing to do, but also a moral obligation to those who will surely follow us.

Melaleuca works hard to deliver only the highest-quality products. We promise to always lead the way in concentrating products, using the safest and best ingredients available, and formulating products to minimize adverse impact on the environment. Whenever possible, we will use natural substitutes that meet our quality standards for effectiveness, and deliver products that represent a better value for our customers.